Metabolic Balance is a comprehensive nutrition concept based on intensive and individual care as well as the creation of an individual nutrition plan. It provides clear guidance on:

So, I started my journey at 86.3 kg, almost at the borderline of thyroid issues. In fact, one doctor suggested I start thyroid medication, but Sunita, my Metabolic Balance coach, disagreed and said it wasn't necessary. I had been diagnosed with PCOS since 2018 and experienced irregular periods. Last year in August, I was diagnosed with diabetes with an average reading of 8.3. When I came across Sunita's page, I made up my mind to reset my body, especially to reverse my diabetes completely


Thank you Sunita. I came to you blank, but you rebuilt my spirit and confidence. I was hopeless but you gave me hope. You listened and gave me so much information that I had no idea existed. Because of your professionalism I am in a much better place in my life. I lost 26kgs in 6 months. Still work in progress. Thank you Sunita.

Freda Agata

One of the most knowledgeable ladies in fat loss programs, especially for ladies who are going through the menopause stage. I highly recommend her. She also specializes in natural food supplements which can help us in the menopause phase. I lost 13 kg. She is always ready to share so much knowledge about weight loss. Sunita you are an amazing person thank you so much, I love ❤️ you dear

Simmi Arora

Lost 15 kg in 3 months and have since maintained the current weight by maintaining the healthy lifestyle and eating in portion. I’m more confident and happy with my body size. This is a success story 🖐🏽

Sylvestere Randah

I lost over 10 kg! I have been following Sunita Nathoo’s advice ever since. It has now become part of my daily routine. I have so much more energy! I will definitely recommend her as a Metabolic Balance Consultant.

Akhil Nathoo

I have lost over 60 kg, maintained my current weight of 69 kg down from 129 and reversed my Type 2 diabetes. I am now super fit and feel energetic. Went from a waist size 46 and now down to 34!! Thank You, Sunita!!

Ken Kasyoka Luusa

I have lost 23 kg in 7 months. My blood pressure and Dm corrected. No more joint pain. I am enjoying good health and feeling great 👍 Thanks to my metabolic coach Sunita Nathoo. The journey made together has been amazing and rewarding

Agnes Aggie

I weighed 78 kg when I first started, and I’m glad to say that I’m currently at 56 kg. It was a difficult but very worthwhile transformation. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained a lot of self-discipline along the way. All my health related problems have been solved, and I’m very grateful to Sunita for guiding me a long the way.

Shruti Hindocha